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Structure & Characteristics

CH2=CH-CH=CH2. Unsaturated fatty acid hydrocarbon. Has a characteristic odor in room temperature, and is an inflammable gas vaporized at -4.4℃. It readily vaporizes at 2~3 atm near 20℃.

Manufacturing Method

Can be largely divided into dehydrogenation of C4 hydrocarbon, and isolation from mixed C4. Country like U.S.A. which has abundant amount of natural gas mainly uses the dehydrogenation method, and countries like engea and Japan where the naphtha pyrolysis industry is the core of petrochemicals prefer applying the isolation method.

Naphtha Cracking Process

Main Derivatives

Uses: Shock absorber - by blending in Natural rubber, Tire, Shoes, Foam rubber, Paper coating, Electric appliance cases, Interior parts of automobile, Interior parts of automobile, Material for PBT resin, Adipic acid, Chloro Benzene Rubber.