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Structure & Characteristics

CH2=CH2. A colorless inflammable liquefied gas which has characteristic odor of hydrocarbon. It needs low temperature and high pressure for storage

Manufacturing Method

Manufactured from natural gas, the main component of methane
Manufactured from gas evolved during petro_enleum oil purification process.
Manufactured from naphtha, an oil fraction of crude oil.

Naphtha Cracking Process

Main Derivatives

Uses: Film for agricultural use, Pipe, Polyester fibers, Antifreezing solution, Acetic acid, Material for penta, etc, Solvents, Synthesis of ethylene oxide, Electric appliances, Packing materials, Construction materials, Alcohol, Printing ink, Solvents, Pipe, Film, Floor, Furnishing materials, Solvent, Extractants, Anesthetics vinyl acetate, Adhesive, Fiber