LG CHEM - Korea Products


LG Paste PVC

LG LK130 Automotive UBC & sealants,Impregnation & Adhesive layer layer, Carpet backing PROPERTY MSDS
LG LK170 Automotive UBC & sealants, Impregnation layer ( Flooring & technical textiles ), Carpet backing, Adhesive layer(laminating pastes), Coating heat-sensitive base fabrics PROPERTY MSDS
LG LP010F Toy , Label, Dipping, Rotational/Slush molding PROPERTY MSDS
LG LP090 Foam layer for Synthetic leather and flooring, wallcovering PROPERTY MSDS
LG LP100 Foaming layer of flooring, Artificial leather and wallpaper, Cap closures PROPERTY MSDS
LG LP170 Rotational molding,synthetic leather,soft toy,wall coverings PROPERTY MSDS
LG LP170G Glove,dipping PROPERTY MSDS
LG PA1302 Body sealer and UBC for automobile, carpet backing, laminating adhesives PROPERTY MSDS
LG PB1120 Top layer foamed paper,wall paper PROPERTY MSDS
LG PB1200 Foaming layer for artificial leather and flooring, wallcovering PROPERTY MSDS
LG PB1202 Synthetic leather,flooring and wall covering,gloss surface layer PROPERTY MSDS
LG PB1302 General purpose grade for foam,synthetic leather,conveyor belt PROPERTY MSDS
LG PB1752 Tarpaulin,rotational molding,glove,skin layer for flooring,mat surface layer PROPERTY MSDS
LG PB900 Wall coverings PROPERTY MSDS
LG PE1311 Glove,dipping,low density foam layer in wall covering and flooring,synthetic leather PROPERTY MSDS

LG Special PVC

LG LB100M Reducing plastisol viscosity,low gloss,good mat effect MSDS
LG LB110 Reducing plastisol viscosity,good aging,modifing rheological behavior PROPERTY MSDS

LG Straight PVC

LG LS080S Hard sheets,films,fittings,injection molded products,bottles,innoxious films,innoxious containers,and food package PROPERTY MSDS
LG LS100 Pipe,power cable jacket,leather,sheets,hoses,soft/hard sheets,wrapping film and innoxious film PROPERTY MSDS
LG LS100E Pipe, Profile, Sash PROPERTY MSDS
LG LS100H Pipe, Profile, Sash PROPERTY
LG LS100S Soft calender(high transparency Deco/common/tarpoulin),leather sheets PROPERTY MSDS
LG LS130S Heat resistant power cable jacket,film,leather,sheets and hoses PROPERTY MSDS
LG LS170 Highly rigid heat-resistant power cable jacket,film,leather and sheet PROPERTY MSDS
LG LS300 Super heat-resistant power cable jacket and special gaskets of high elasticity and softness PROPERTY MSDS